Modular Industrial Robots

Automate a number of steps in your production with our all-in-one robotic solution. Thanks to the modular configuration, you can assemble the RobCo robots exactly according to your requirements and easily modify them for various applications. Get in touch

All-in-one automation
with the first modular industrial robot kit

Plug & Play

The RobCo robot modules can be easily assembled, reassembled and configured for different tasks directly on the production site. Thanks to the unique software, they are ready for implementation within minutes, which allows you to react dynamically to new orders and changing requirements.

Individual Solutions

Our system offers you several individual solutions with just one robot kit. Kinematic structure, range and payload can be easily adapted depending on the application. With RobCo, you can create individualized robot kinematics according to your needs.

Limitless Flexibility

The modular robots can be switched between applications in no time, enabling you to use your capacities efficiently on-site. Thanks to the intuitive handling and the preprogrammed software, trained personnel isn’t required to reconfigure and assemble the robots.

One Robot Kit – Endless Possibilities

Our plug & play system makes our robots unique on the market. Our interchangeable robot modules allow almost endless combinations of robots. Instead of having to commit to one single application, you get an All-in-One solution that can fulfill a variety of tasks in your production processes.

Modular Automation

A modular automation kit that can take on almost any task. Create a robot solution that is ideally tailored to your needs and can be adapted to different applications and changing requirements at any time.

Technical Specifications

Combine up to 20 modules

Payload up to 15kg

max. Velocity 2m/s

Customizable range up to 2.3m

Repeatability 0,1mm

IP54 Protection Class

Our Modules

Base modules

The base modules place the robot on nearly any platform and provide power. They take up little space and are available in different interface specifications to allow easy integration with a variety of product machinery.

Driver modules

Driver modules are the center piece of the module library. High performance motors, precise encoders and a gearbox without play offer the best performance for small, modular actuated joints.

Link modules

The link modules of different sizes offer numerous configuration options in terms of range and mobility. Standardized construction and integrated control electronics enable quick and easy assembly.


The connector modules enable the quick and easy connection of two modules of different sizes and categories. That way, our robots can be assembled and reassembled on-sight, even by untrained employees.


The control units are programmed via an intuitive user interface, which can be done either in the browser, on a 12” control panel, via REST API with Python SDK or via our own RobCo ROS.

The perfect automation for you

We are in the age of automation. While big production houses have already started the transformation towards automated production, smaller manufacturers with changing orders and requirements can’t afford to invest in a solution that is only tailored for one application. RobCo enables these smaller manufacturers to automate their processes with a modular, flexible solution that prevents downtime of expensive machines and accelerates efficiency. The robot modules can be quickly implemented and adapted for different applications within a very short time. Each day, you get to decide in which area of your production you want to use your robot - maximum utilization with minimum risk thanks to our robot-as-a-service model.